Any hospital infection (nosocomial infection) caused by micro organisms represents a serious health threat, regardless if symptoms of illness exist or not.

Significant studies in Great Britain, Germany and the USA have shown that approx. 5 – 12% of patients contract an infection during their hospital stay. The chance to die during the hospital stay is at least three times if a nosocomial infection is present than without such infection. The studies show that the percentage of di8agnosis nosocomial infection or even cause of death was found in about 20% of the cases investigated. Nosocomial infections are responsible for significant portion of public financial burden, specifically for the health care systems.

Our Services

Professional Counseling

The target of our counseling activities is to provide the customer with a performance package that is tailored to his exact requirement

Engineering Support

Our engineering effort is designed to support the customer from the pre-project phase all the way to and beyond acceptance of the equipment in order to fully meet the customer’s needs.

Testing Facilities

Our completed furbished test facilities are at your disposal. Our specialists stand ready to assist you with their comprehensive know-how.

Installations, start-up operations

Installation and start-up of machinery is carried out by our specially trained customer support technicians.


Validations are carried out according to norms under EN554 and your default data. Procedures are fully documented in order to demonstrate strict adherence to official medicinal product guidelines.

Maintenances and support

Once the installation is operational we are at your disposal with our comprehensive after-sales support service. This includes verbal advice by phone, remote service via modem to on-location support by our expert technicians.

Mobile units for sterilization and cleaning

Our fully furbished mobile units include sterilizers and cleaning machines and are available for temporary service during facilities overhaul and remodeling.

Training sessions and seminars

Training sessions and seminars are frequently taking place on our premises. For further information contact your local representatives.

Refurbishing of existing facilities

Existing sterilizers may be rejuvenated by refurbishing with new ducting, controls and operating features according to latest engineering standards.

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Tool and machine sterilisation


In sterilization processes, all micro organisms, viruses and especiall bacterial spores are eliminated or irreversibly inactivated. There are different principles of sterilization that are selected according to the characteristics of the targeted goods. The most frequently chosen processes are steam sterilization and hot air sterilization.


We strive to be one of the three worldwide leading manufacturers within our field of endeavor and to be the leaders in certain key markets.

Our key to lasting customer satisfaction is found in our outstanding products and strong customer support.

Within the MZ group, Sulimelinces is the second significant industrial component that supports the groups’ goal of diversification of products and international mark.

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